Group's History & Matrix

The different companies were formulated and were operating under different brands and styles since the Group's inception in 1947.

In the year of our countries independence in 1947, the GROUP formulated M/s. NanomalHotchandto take care of requirements of different F&V business of the company in those times. As the time progressed, it became mandatory for the GROUP to formulate more companies (in different parts of India) to expand its reach to ensure a smooth Pan-India coverage. To achieve the objectives, the other companies formulated till 2010 were;M/s. Bhagwan Das & Sons(1990), M/s. Bhagwan Das & Company (2000), M/s. International Apple Agency (2010).

After 2010, taking advantage of new management tools, company decided to go for mergers of a few of its companies to achieve more efficiencies and advantages of leaner & thinner in operating costs and controls while increasing it focus further on procurement of Quality products and providing these improved Quality of Products & Services offered to its Pan-India network of clients.


To work towards reforming the fruit and vegetable sector in an integrated manner and constantly strive towards creating & providing value for money to end consumer.


To become a world class 'fruit and vegetables Supply Chain' organization while continuously strengthening partnerships with our stakeholders, suppliers, customers and growers.


  • Double the company's market share in F&V sector.
  • Tie-ups with best quality suppliers nationally and internationally.
  • Further strengthen the distributor network through better quality products and services.
  • Develop a 'Safe Credit System".
  • Continuously working to achieve a 'win-win situation' for all stake-holders.

Product Portfolio

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable:
Company is engaged in Imports and Marketing of fresh fruits from across the globe. The major imported fruits in which we deal in, include

Apples Washington State Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Royal Gala
  Vergenia State Red Delicious, Granny Smith
  New York Red Delicious
  New Zealand Red Delicious, Royal Gala
  Iran Red Delicious
  Turkey Red Delicious
  Chile Red Delicious, Royal Gala
Pears USA Anjou, Bartlet and Red Crimson
  South Africa William and Packham's-Triumph
  China Shandong¬† and Ya Pear
Kiwi Fruit Iran, Chile, Italy, NZ Hayward
Oranges USA, SA, Australia, Egypt, China Valencia
Grapes California, Peru, Australia Red Globe

Services/ Scope of Operations

  • Imports and Marketing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable
  • Commission agents for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Wholesale supplies/ distribution through a strong Pan-India network of Dealers and Distributors.
  • National sourcing partners of Organized Retail Players like Walmat, Carrefore, ABRL, Nature'sBasket(Godrej), Fruture Retail Ltd., etc.


Our decades old association with the best of vendors from across the country ensures reliable turnover and gives us an edge over other domestic suppliers. An excellent distribution network further enables us to maintain consistency indelivery of quality products to clients within the committed time frame. By virtue ethical and fair business policies, wehave gained the trust and confidence of our clients and business partners on domestic as well as international fronts.

Quality Assurance

Quality plays a pivotal role in our organization and hence we ensure delivery of impeccable quality of fruits to our clients. Our entire assurance policy functions according to international policy scheme, ensuring that the finest quality reaches our esteemed customers.


The company has been issued a license by the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee, Delhi Auction Yard has been allotted for auctioning of high volume daily arrivals of fruits and vegetables.