Fresh Fruits and Vegetable: Company is engaged in Imports and Marketing of fresh fruits from across the globe. The major imported fruits in which we deal in, include-

Apples Washington State Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Royal Gala
  Vergenia State Red Delicious, Granny Smith
  New York Red Delicious
  New Zealand Red Delicious, Royal Gala
  Iran Red Delicious
  Turkey Red Delicious
  Chile Red Delicious, Royal Gala
Pears USA Anjou, Bartlet and Red Crimson
  South Africa William and Packham's-Triumph
  China Shandong¬† and Ya Pear
Kiwi Fruit Iran, Chile, Italy, NZ Hayward
Oranges USA, SA, Australia, Egypt, China Valencia
Grapes California, Peru, Australia Red Globe